Historic Goldfields School Strikes Gold

Historic Chewton Primary School struck solar gold with the completion of fundraising for a 4kW solar system.  The Chewton project is the third for The People’s Solar, a community-based approach that “crowd-sources” tax deductible donations to pay for solar panels and then reinvests the saving from energy bills to support broader community goals.

peoples solar 2

Principal Julie Holden said she is thrilled with project.  “This has been a great collaborative effort. Our parent community has really driven this project and our local community has also been very supportive.  The result – the solar panels – will mean that we’ll save money on our energy for many years to come. We’ll then be able to invest the savings in school programs that build our connections with the community and help kids learn more about sustainability.”

The Chewton Project received generous support.  It raised over $3,000 from online donations, and over $2,000 from fundraising at the school. The school has committed to funding the remainder of the project, to ensure it can install the full 4kW system.

It is expected that energy savings will be used to support learning programs with Chewton Primary students, ranging from hands-on bush regeneration projects through to documentary film-making on issues such as rubbish dumping in the Chewton Bushlands.

peoples solar 1

Julie Holden said “Our community has a rich history of working together, and supporting each other, in making Chewton a great place to live. With this project, we will keep that history alive for another generation, and hopefully many more to come.”

Castlemaine resident and Director of The People’s  Solar Tosh Szatow said he was delighted  that The People’s Solar model had again hit gold with a local community organisation.  “I think it’s a great example of the fantastic community spirit in Central Victoria.  The People’s Solar has had generous support from local philanthropists and the local sustainability group.

“The People’s Solar is now ready to take the next step.  We have over 100kW of projects coming in 2015 across Geelong, St Kilda and other parts of Victoria as part of moving to a national operation. It’s an exciting time for solar power, and an exciting time for people power.”


Enquiries: Tosh Szatow (pron. Chateau) – 0414 155 547

About The People’s Solar

“The People’s Solar” is a wholly owned and registered trademark of Solar for the People (ABN: 50 169 343 088).

The People’s Solar is a scalable platform for delivering community owned energy projects, in order to transform energy markets. We are creating a focal point for a new clean energy ecosystem, based on transparency, trust and mutual support.

You can learn more by visiting www.thepeoplessolar.com and https://facebook.com/thepeoplessolar


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