Just Transitions Speaking Tour with Bob Massie

350.org have organised a nation-wide Just Transitions speaking tour to take place in February.
They are bringing out Bob Massie from the New Economy Coalition in the USA, with the tour being co-sponsored by Earthworker Cooperative.

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A ‘just transition’ means ensuring that we don’t leave vulnerable communities behind in the process, but develop new economies that better support people and the planet. Already this process is underway – in communities, backyards and boardrooms as citizens, governments and business unite to build a new, just and clean energy economy. US economist Bob Massie will be heading the national speaking tour, which is an opportunity to highlight these developments locally and internationally with a range of local speakers at each event.

Earthworker Cooperative is hoping this series of talks will provoke a broader discussions about transition, co-operatives and taking back the economy! Project Officer Dave Kerin will be speaking on behalf of Earthworker in Melbourne and the La Trobe Valley, with an Earthworker stall on site so that people can chat to members and find out more about the co-op. Members of Earthworker will also be presenting on behalf of Earthworker at the Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra events.

The co-operative has been putting the idea of a just transition into action Earthworker by overseeing the transformation of Everlast Hydro Systems’ Dandenong hot water tank factory into Eureka’s Future – Australia’s first workers owned and managed manufacturing co-operative. Earthworker is hoping that the successful mutualisation of Everlast can provide a foundation for the establishment of further worker owned and controlled factories in Morwell and Geelong that will provide jobs in renewable energy manufacturing as those communities face the closure of the car industry and the transition from fossil fuels respectively.


With official dates and venues now announced for Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth anyone can register online to attend this free event. There is an additional event organised for the La Trobe Valley, which is scheduled either for the 22nd or 23rd of February, with a venue yet to be announced. Details will be announced on Earthworker’s Facebook page as soon as they have been finalised.

Hope to see you there!