Napthine govt policies ‘shirtfront’ Vic renewable energy sector, costing jobs and investment

a394c0a3a0fc80df9c76ff986816ed9fA new report released by the Climate Council shows Victoria has gone from a leader to a laggard when it comes to renewable energy.

The Climate Council report, The Australian Renewable Energy Race, shows Victoria is lagging behind other Australian states.

On the key metric of installed renewable energy capacity per capita, Victoria is being out-competed by South Australia–the country’s best performing state.

“South Australia generates almost four times as much renewable energy per person than Victoria,” says Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth’s renewable energy spokesperson.

“Victoria is being outcompeted on renewable energy thanks to the Baillieu and Napthine governments who introduced the world’s worst anti-wind farm laws.”693b2543-b184-4c6f-b5c9-7af2a7942157-620x372

f1d81f0c-e2a0-4ff8-beef-c0311caedf3c-620x372 9f2e1ff6-970e-4bcf-9b8a-a08a4a657a6e-620x372The Climate Council shows the Victorian government’s policies have cost the state $4 billion worth of investment and 3,000 jobs.

“Victoria can get back on track but only with political leadership from the next state government.”

“To get renewable energy rolling out in Victoria we need to do two things, rip up the anti-wind farm laws, and institute a state Renewable Energy Target,” said Ewbank.

Friends of the Earth have called on the Premier Napthine and opposition leader Daniel Andrews to commit to restoring a Victorian Renewable Energy Target that works alongside the national scheme.

“Victoria desperately needs its own Renewable Energy Target.”

“The ACT has a renewables target of 90 per cent by 2020. South Australia’s target has been lifted to 50 per cent by 2025. Victoria doesn’t have a target and it’s costing jobs.”

“A Victorian Renewable Energy Target will create jobs and deliver cheaper power prices for Victorians – which is something all political parties can support.”

“Victoria can regain its position of national renewable energy leader, but only with political leadership from Daniel Andrews and Denis Napthine.”

Y2R16_RET-FBThe Labor party has stated conditional support for reintroducing a VRET if the Abbott government axes the national scheme.

Labor candidates for the super-marginal seat of Ripon, Daniel McGlone, and marginal South Barwon, Andy Richards, personally support a Victorian Renewable Energy Target.

The Victorian Greens have endorsed the call for a Victorian Renewable Energy Target.

The Coalition has not released a renewable energy policy.



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