Voices of Macedon: Dispelling wind turbine myths

Community power: ‘Gusto’, one of Hepburn Wind’s turbines.

Renewable energy is a mainstream election issue in the hotly-contested seat of Macedon.

The Coaltion’s anti-wind farm laws have hit the Macedon Ranges hard. They have cost the region jobs, investment and killed off a community wind farm proposal.

The seat of Macedon was previously united by uniform planning laws that allowed community engagement in the development process. But since 2011, the region has been subjected to smothering regulations. A large-scale blanket ban on wind farms cuts across the electorate.

Seat of MacedonThe interest in renewable energy in Macedon has prompted some lone sceptics to criticise the technology. Macedon locals know better. They’re not buying the anti-renewable energy spin. A fact that’s evidenced by the following letter published by The Hepburn Advocate:

Dispelling wind turbine myths

THERE is a common and persistent myth that wind turbines contain more embodied energy than they produce.

In fact, turbines typically operate for more than 20 years, but generate enough energy from their massive rotors to cover their “embodied energy” within the first year, often within the first six months.

In a typical example, the assessed payback time for the South Australian Hallett 5 wind farm was less than six months.

Wind energy is being embraced by other parts of the world as an important component of a cleaner energy future.

According to the Global Wind Energy Council, China turned on just over 16GW of nameplate capacity of wind generation in 2013.

Australia risks being exposed to a crash in the value of coal as the rest of the world turns to better options sooner rather than later.

Victorians are passionate about renewable energy. Polling commissioned by the Climate Institute finds 71 per cent of Victorians support state government policies that encourage more renewable energy.

Birds Eye Macedon
Macedon Ranges locals at the completion of the People’s Climate March in Kyneton.

When one considers the passion and the polling, it’s clear that the parties with a pro-renewable energy stance will have an advantage on polling day.

The Labor party and The Greens are committed to ‘ripping up’ the anti-wind farm laws and restoring fairness to the planning scheme. The Coalition still has time to adopt a pro-renewable energy policy before November 29. The window of opportunity is there, but it’s closing.


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