Rock 4 Renewables Gig; This weekend the 5th of October!

In the lead up to the Rock 4 Renewables gig at the Gasometer, we wanted to get everyone exciting by profiling some amazing artists that we have the privilege of hosting. Today we are featuring Jess Ribeiro and The Bone Collectors; check em out!

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Band name:

Jess Ribeiro and The Bone Collectors

Name and instrument:

Jessie Ribeiro- singsong guitar

In three words, how would you describe your band?

In the Now

bone collectors

What has your band been up to lately, any tours, notable gigs or record releases? 

We played a show at BigSound in Brisbane and are finishing an album with Mick Harvey as producer which has taken ages…

Why do you support renewable energy?

Renewable energy is a natural progression for human development. Climate change is happening now and its because we are burning up fossil fuels like starving dumb short sighted energy addicts. We know what harm burning fossil fuels does to the planet, and the risks it poses to every aspect of our civilisation. We know renewable energy technology is ready here and cost effective. So why wouldn’t you support it? Thats like saying, do you support healthy eating? Most people would, maybe they just dont know quite how to do it.

There’s an election coming up in Victoria, do you have a message for Victorian politicians on renewable energy and climate change?

Stop being silly! You are wasting precious time. Make policy that is good for the people and good for the environment. Shut down Hazelwood and Anglesea dirty old power plants. Support renewables, not gas and coal. Support and strengthen the Renewable Energy Target. Reinstate mandatory emissions reductions targets, not aspirational ones

If your band was a renewable energy source, what would it be and why? (solar power, wind, wave, )

Tidal. We formed in Darwin where one of the greatest tidal energy resources in the world exists. Our music is like riding a long tide. It pulls and pushes you. Sometimes it makes us high sometimes it makes us low. When we are low we can see what lies beneath.

Music & Facebook:

Sweet refined things
It’ll come to pass

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