Geelong Climate March urged to vote for renewables at Vic election

PCM Geelong
A thousand people march for climate action in Geelong.

A thousand people marched for climate change action in Geelong on Sunday October 21. The local demonstration was part of a global mobilisation calling on political leaders to take action to address global warming.

The Geelong march coincided with a global gathering of heads of state at the United Nations in New York City to discuss responses to climate change. An estimated 500 marched in Kyneton, central Victoria; 30,000 people in Melbourne; and a massive 300,000 taking to the streets in Manhattan.

People’s Climate March in Geelong was encouraged to take their concern for climate change to the polls and to vote for renewable energy in the imminent Victorian election.

“The Victorian government has banned wind farms in the windiest parts of the state and cut solar incentives,” said Ben Courtice, spokesperson for Yes 2 Renewables.  “Only a vote for renewable energy will encourage politicians to seize the economic opportunity of renewable energy.”

Yes 2 Renewables spokesperson, Ben Courtice.
Yes 2 Renewables spokesperson, Ben Courtice.

Ben Courtice told the People’s Climate March that the wind industry would bring long term employment to the region, unlike the proposed shale-gas fracking around the town. Wind farming would also not damage the water supply, farmland, or residents’ health.

Local firms IXL Engineering and Austeng are already involved in cleantech manufacturing.  Yes 2 Renewables say this is a strong foundation to build on.

“Renewable energy is a huge opportunity for Geelong,” said Ben Courtice. “There’s no reason why the region couldn’t be a hub for cleantech jobs.” 

Friends of the Earth say a Victorian Renewable Energy Target can create certainty for the sector. A pipeline of wind energy projects would create an incentive for local manufacturing.  Renewable energy is booming South Australia and the ACT — states that have a target for renewable energy.

“Victoria doesn’t have a target and is missing out on jobs and investment in future industries,” said Mr Courtice.“A state Renewable Energy Target will get Victoria back on track. It would unleash investment and create jobs – which is something all political parties can support.”


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