Policy Watch: Vic Labor pledge to keep efficiency scheme as energy debate heats up 

Labor energy spokesperson, Lily D’Ambrosio

The Victorian Labor party has introduced amendments to the Napthine government’s bill to scrap the successful Victorian Energy Efficiency Target.

Labor’s amendments would prevent the government from cutting next year’s energy efficiency target and abolishing the scheme at the end of 2015

In a statement to the press, the Labor party says it is committed to keep the VEET – a policy that supports 2,100 jobs – and will release details of the future operations of the scheme before the election.

Friends of the Earth welcome the Victorian Labor party’s efforts to extend the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target. Victoria’s energy efficiency policies are reducing power bills and creating jobs while tackling global warming.

The Labor party’s support for the energy efficiency scheme is good policy and a win win for Victorians. We hope it’s the first step towards a comprehensive retrofit policy for the state.

The announcement comes as the government faces tough criticism over unconventional gas, its’ call for the national Renewable Energy Target to be weakened and include gas, as well as tough anti-wind farm laws.

Friends of the Earth research estimates the anti-wind farm laws introduced by former Premier Ted Baillieu have cost the state:

  • $864 million worth of wind farm projects
  • 490 construction and 64 ongoing jobs
  • 438MW of wind energy generation capacity scrapped or stalled
  • $2.1 million worth of drought-proof income each year
  • $516, 937 in rates to councils each year

Competition is heating up between the government and the opposition when it comes to energy policy. Energy policy is a big issue in rural electorates and may decide the result of the Victorian election on November 29.

The Victorian Labor party has vowed to rip up the Coalition government’s anti-wind farm laws. In July, the Coalition took a small step towards restoring fair wind farm laws in Victoria. It amended the planning scheme to allow existing permit holders to upgrade wind energy technology.

Y2R13_REV_PanelThe Labor Party’s announcement on energy efficiency is the latest of several progressive energy policy commitments. Labor’s 2014 platform commits the party to a “green jobs plan” and a renewable energy strategy for the state it forms government.

To lock in investment and create jobs in Victoria, the major parties should really be talking about a Victorian Renewable Energy Target.



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One thought on “Policy Watch: Vic Labor pledge to keep efficiency scheme as energy debate heats up 

  1. Given the increasing unemployment rate in Victoria, you’d think the government would be encouraging new, clean energy projects. Not so. Perhaps the dawning realisation that the government could get turfed out in November might force a rethink? I won’t be holding my breath waiting for Napthine and his buddies to see the light and overturn these ridiculous laws.

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