Jobs at risk: Vic Premier wants Renewable Energy Target weakened

ds_napthine2_20130306205347313453-620x349Friends of the Earth call on Premier Denis Napthine to clarify the Victorian government’s position on the Renewable Energy Target.

According to The Age, the Victorian government’s submission to the Warburton Review calls for the Renewable Energy Target to be reduced and for polluting gas power to be included in the scheme.

The Premier seems confused about renewable energy. Victorians understand the difference and want the Premier to support the 41 terrawatt hour Renewable Energy Target.

Wind workers in the Premier’s own electorate have called on Dr Napthine to join Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman to oppose changes to the 41 Terrawatt hour target.

Wind energy is the cheapest new-build electricity source in Australia, and solar is getting cheaper each year. Gas, on the other hand, will get more expensive over time. Australia can leap frog increasingly expensive fossil fuels by switching straight to renewables.

The Napthine government’s support for gas means renewable energy jobs in Victoria are at risk. It undercut jobs in the Victorian renewable energy sector – including 700 wind energy jobs in his electorate.

Wind worker 14The Victorian Labor party and The Greens have criticised the Napthine government’s stance.

Shadow energy spokeswoman Lily D’Ambrosio said the government should support the Renewable Energy Target in its current form. Greens leader Greg Barber said the Premier was “confused” by wanting gas included in a renewable energy scheme.

Premier Napthine’s political manoeuvre on the Renewable Energy Target raises doubts over his government’s policy on coal-seam gas and fracking – Which comes just one week after announcing a statewide ban on onshore gas exploration.

The Premier’s statement preempts the outcome of community consultation on coal-seam gas.

Victorian communities are declaring themselves gasfield free. The Premier’s backing for more gas power undermines his government’s commitment to go slow on fracking. Where does the Premier really stand?


Contact the Victorian Premier today and urge him to drop gas and support the 41 Terrawatt hour Renewable Energy Target.

  • Email the Premier on
  • Call the Premier’s electorate office on (03) 5562 8230
  • Tweet the Premier – @Vic_Premier

5 thoughts on “Jobs at risk: Vic Premier wants Renewable Energy Target weakened

  1. The Government seems confused and appears to be reactively lurching from crisis to crisis. To argue that polluting gas should be included as part of the RET is bizarre. Gas is OK as an interim measure as we transition to clean renewables, but it does not belong in the RET.

    1. You have to admit they do crises very well. It’s about the only thing they are adept at. I agree that trying to make gas part of the renewables mix is bizarre. It makes me wonder if the LNP has sold an entirely to the fossil fuel industry?

  2. Fact it we must have the combustion and wind / solar. It would seam obvious but its not always windy and sunny. Cut either sector you kill employment. It’s a complexed engineering decision best left to experts who understand and I am sure advice political people. Emotional , idealistic levels of understanding and opinion won’t solve the issue .

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