Macedon residents fired up about Baillieu’s brown tape

r0_193_3264_2037_w1200_h678_fmaxFriends of the Earth’s recent report on the costs of Ted Baillieu’s anti-wind farm laws has put renewable energy on the state election agenda.

The Age featured exclusive coverage of the research report. The Macedon Ranges Guardian, a prominent newspaper in the battleground seat of Macedon, reported on the local impacts of the Coalition government’s anti-wind farm laws.

In addition to scuttling two utility-scale projects in the Macedon region, it’s well known that the government’s arbitrary blanket ban prevented a community wind farm from going ahead in Woodend.

The Macedon Ranges Guardian published the following letter by Macedon resident Marie Lakey, who takes issue with Liberal candidate Donna Petrovich’s support for Baillieu’s brown tape: 

Wasted Opportunity

Donna Petrovich’s stand on the State Liberal wind energy policies needs to be severely revised. The Macedon Ranges is a beautiful area and no-one recognises this better than the local community. Why not protect this asset by embracing wind power? Not only does it create jobs, it can create a drought-proof income for struggling farmers. Liberal policies are wasting this opportunity for sustainable and equitable energy. Wind farms could provide future generations with the kind of infrastructure Macedon residents should be proud to pass on. Is that not the real ‘security’ residents desire from our state government?

Liberal candidate Donna Petrovich pictured with PM Tony Abbott.

The Dick Warburton review of the national Renewable Energy Target is drawing community attention to energy policy. Renewable energy is emerging as a key concern for voters as we approach the Victorian election on November 29.


  • Support cleantech jobs for Victoria? Sign our petition calling on Premier Napthine to scrap Ted Baillieu’s anti-wind farm laws and both the Premier and Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews to support renewable energy.
  • Volunteer with Yes 2 Renewables and help us build a pro-renewables movement. Only when Victorians are active will the politicians get serious about renewable energy. Contact us here to express interest or email leigh.ewbank [at] for more information.
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2 thoughts on “Macedon residents fired up about Baillieu’s brown tape

  1. When contacted for comment, Ms Petrovich declined to address the issue. She did, however state that the Macedon Ranges’ beauty should be protected. All the while staying extremly quiet about a conference centre plan taking up several hectares right next to Hanging Rock, against massive community opposition, and whether fracking should be banned in the shire. Libs have very selective environmental credentials. Can anyone remember the orange-bellied parrot scenario in Gippsland? Aaaannd brown coal being our economic saviour, not a millstone round our neck? Right. (golf clap).

    1. Unfortunately all politicians bend the truth when it suits them but the LNP is particularly adept at claiming black is white when it comes to environmental issues. The OBP was a wonderful case in point. Sure it’s a lovely little parrot and it would be a shame to see it go extinct but blaming windfarms for its demise when land clearing along the coast has devastated its habitat far more. It especially galling considering quite a bit of farmland in the Bald Hills area is owned by prominent Liberal party members and associated groupies. You have to admit, they do double standards very well.

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