Support renewable energy? Join the RET Road Trip

hepburn-wind-farmLast month, we kicked off our fact-finding RET Road Trip to get a real understanding of the impact energy policy, and particularly the Renewable Energy Target, has on Australian communities. 

We invited the chair of the Renewable Energy Target Review, former Caltex chairman Dick Warburton, to join us so he can make an informed decision about the future of the scheme. Mr Warburton declined our invitation—a decision which undermines public confidence in the review. 

Yes 2 Renewables has organised 11 events as part of the road trip – one a week in the lead up to when the panel delivers its report. We’ve visited the Hepburn Wind farm, Morwell, Portland, Geelong and Ararat. These visits highlight the Warburton Review’s lack of community engagement.

In order to take the RET Road Trip to the next level, we’ve partnered with the Coalition for Community Energy to help local groups take on organising events in their own area. 

There are over 45 community renewable energy projects in development across Australia. Joining the road trip will highlight the emerging community energy movement and engage your community about the importance of the Renewable Energy Target.

The Coalition for Community Energy and Yes 2 Renewables invite you to join the RET Road Trip. We’ve created a simple ‘how to’ guide to help you organise an event in your community. Events can be registered here. Rest assured, we’ll give you a hand to pull it all together. 

Hundreds of communities stand to benefit from the transition from polluting fossil fuels to clean renewable energy sources, but only if we stand together in support of the Renewable Energy Target. 

Morwell resident Lorraine Bull speaking with WIN News about her support for renewable energy.


2 thoughts on “Support renewable energy? Join the RET Road Trip

  1. What a great idea! This Warburton Review was dodgy from the start – same as the Reith Review of Coal Seam Gas. ‘Where’s Warbi?’ is a great stunt as Warburton will never dare front the community. Isn’t it 82% that support maintaining or increasing the RET?

  2. Failure to leave 90% of fossil fuels underground soon will be a human induced global disaster. We must all contribute to fixing this problem soon. Renewable Energy and HSR are good steps on the way.

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