Where Wind Energy is Up, Electrical Prices are Down

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Electric bills are trending down for people that live in high-wind states, according to research by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

The 11 states that get more than 7% of their electricity from wind energy have seen their electric prices decrease by 0.37% over the past five years, in contrast to all other states, where electricity prices have increased 7.79% during that time.

The 11 states are: Texas, Wyoming, Oregon, Oklahoma, Idaho, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa.

Texas is on the verge of getting 10% of electricity from wind; Iowa and South Dakota already get 25%.

The more wind capacity they have, the more rates have come down.

Wind Top States 2012

But don’t AWEA’s word for it – at least 15 studies confirm that as wind energy increases, electric prices come down. Studies have been done by independent grid operators, state governments, academic experts, and others.

For example, research from New England’s grid operator concludes that when wind provides 14% of electricity, prices drop 10%, and when it reaches 24%, prices decline 15%. Find the links to these studies in AWEA’s white paper, Wind Power’s Consumer Benefits:


Website: http://awea.files.cms-plus.com/AWEA%20White%20Paper-Consumer%20Benefits.pdf

10 thoughts on “Where Wind Energy is Up, Electrical Prices are Down

    1. You Blair you .Why not drive down in your electric car and tell him yourself .You do own an electric car don’t you Blair not a fossil fuel one! I know they are expensive but for someone so committed to saving the planet it is a must.!!!!!!!!

  1. Not according to Dick Warburton who told Chris Yuleman on the ABC this morning that the RET was driving up the cost of power. Yuleman did not question this statement.

    1. Dick Warburton has form when it comes to ignoring the inconvenient evidence. He also denies the science highlighting AGW as well.

    1. Pity Mr Taylor is a climate change denialist, that automatically suggests his objectivity is questionable.

      1. Ahh he must be in denial Blair that explains everything. If he was a true believer we could take everything he said as the truth.Do you have an electric car Blair??????

      2. I’ve spoken to Taylor, on many issues he is quite rational. He just has a blind spot when it comes to renewable energy.

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