Australia’s 5 million “solar heroes”


The original article was published by Reneweconomy on 10th March 2014 and written by .

The 5 million people with Solar PV and/or Solar hot water systems are helping lower the cost of electricity, and create jobs, according to this graphic released by Australian Solar Council.

The graph is part of the Save Solar campaign taking place to try and encourage home owners to take up solar power, and to protect the renewable energy target which is encouraging that take-up.

The graph also shows that the savings from rooftop solar will soon outweigh the initial costs, and the Save Solar campaign is now likely to become an important part of the re-run of the WA Senate election. The Australian Solar Council has reportedly contracted the creative team behind the 2010 mining tax campaign to help launch $1 million of newspaper and television advertisements ahead of the April 5 WA Senate election.

Solar 2Solar 2

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