RET Watch: Changes to target threaten Victoria’s solar jobs

Workers-install-solar-pan-007Victoria is at risk of losing solar jobs if the Abbott government cuts the Renewable Energy Target following a review of the policy.

A national survey undertaken by the Australian Solar Council found 81 per cent of its member businesses would be forced to sack staff if the Renewable Energy Target is wound back or axed.

On the other hand, if the Abbott government leaves the popular policy alone, 60 per cent of the solar companies surveyed would hire more staff.

Analysis conducted by the REC Agents Association (RAA) found 12,600 solar jobs could go over the next four years if the Renewable Energy Target was axed.

solar jobs4Solar energy has boomed in Victoria. The technology has had strong uptake in both metropolitan and regional areas. Regional Victoria has proportionally more solar installed than metropolitan areas. Victoria’s top ten solar postcodes are:

  1. 3564 Echuca  13.3% of houses have solar power systems
  2. 3690 Wodonga 13.2%
  3. 3551 Emu Creek, Axe Creek, Myrtle Creeknning Vale, Willetton 13.2%
  4. 3818 Drouin, Jindivick 12.9%
  5. 3023 Caroline Springs, Deer park, Burnside 11.6%
  6. 3029 Dawesville, Falcon, Halls Head, Wan, 11.6%
  7. 3024 Wyndham Vale, Mambourin, Mount Cottrell 11.3%
  8. 3037 Calder Park, Sydenham 10.9%
  9. 3076 Epping 10.2%
  10. 3173 Keysborough 9.8%

The growth of solar energy is creating jobs and delivering cheaper power bills while helping us address climate change. These benefits are at risk from the Abbott government’s RET review.

The Abbott government’s announced the review panel and terms of reference on February 17. It appointed known climate change denier Dick Warburton to head the review as well as panel members with a history in the fossil fuel sector.

There is no representation from the solar or wind energy sectors on the review.

The Abbott government’s choice of review panelists shows once again that this government puts ideology ahead of good policy and jobs.

The Abbott government would be wise to consider the views of Australians in their response to the review.

And what do Australians think about renewables and the RET?…

Polling commissioned by The Climate Institute shows solar and wind energy are the most preferred energy sources.

1899828_600669856677904_2141164449_oIn terms of the Renewable Energy Target, polls show shows 73 per cent of Australians think the target is ‘about right’ or ‘not high enough’.

Will the Prime Minister deliver the energy future Australians want?… Time will tell.


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2 thoughts on “RET Watch: Changes to target threaten Victoria’s solar jobs

  1. Dear MR Leigh Ewbank I have been following your articles with interest for quite a while now and every so often I get cramps in the stomach. I have been a liberal supporter for quite a few years and I am getting very disappointed with their attitude on renewable power policy. Is there any hope to have a candidate from your group to stand for parliament, as I am sure there would be quite a few people disenchanted like me. Regards Umberto Frattali

  2. Disenchanted Libs’, not a term the Vic gov’t would like to hear in this an important election year. Thank u for your supportive comments Umberto – it makes all this work worthwhile. Keep talking up renewables coz to continue with business as usual fossil foolery is going to cost us the earth – literally

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