Victoria can vote for renewables, climate change action in 2014 poll

163In January, Friends of the Earth published a report quantifying the cost of ‘natural’ disasters exacerbated by climate change. Yes 2 Renewables received the following letter from Anthony Gleeson in response to our coverage of the report:

I must declare a conflict of interest here. I want my 10 month old grandson, Harvey, to grow up in a world that has a safe and stable climate.

Then there are the hundreds of elderly Australians who were with us at the start of the year yet passed on prematurely during the intense heatwaves over the last couple of weeks .

While scientists all over the world have no doubt what the major cause of these extreme events is, our governments refuse to face reality on climate change.

By scrapping the climate change act and banning wind farms in the windiest parts of the state, the Napthine government has shirked its duty of care. Victorians deserve better.

Victorians head to the polls in November. We’ll soon have the opportunity to elect politicians who will help protect us from the realities climate change.

Anthony Gleeson

Anthony is a Newtown resident and member of the Surf Coast Energy Group and Surf Coast Air Action. As a new grandfather, Gleeson is passionate about addressing climate change. 


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