EVENT: Y2R at the Sustainable Living Festival 2014

Victoria’s Energy Future: Fighting Fossil Fuels and Saying Yes to Renewables 

This weekend, Yes 2 Renewables and Quit Coal will present at the 2014 Melbourne Sustainable Living Festival.

Locked Gate FrackingVictoria has come to a fork in the road: Will our energy system remain hitched to polluting fossil fuels or will we shift to clean renewable energy sources?

The Coalition government already made its choice without our consent. It banned wind farms in the windiest parts of the state and is pushing the expansion of coal and coal seam gas on rural communities.

As we head into an election, what is needed to protect rural Victoria and put us on the path to a clean, renewable energy future? Join us to find out.

WHERE: Federation Square – Under the Gum stage, Birrarung Marr Park

COST: Free

RSVP: Facebook

Renewable Energy Champion Award 

Award-winning environmentalist Tanya Ha will present Yes 2 Renewables’ inaugural Renewable Energy Champion. Tanya Ha is well-known for her reporting on ABC science show Catalyst and book Greeniology. 

The award recognises community leadership communicating the benefits of renewable energy. So who’s the 2014 Renewable Energy Champion?… You’ll have to attend the presentation to find out!


One thought on “EVENT: Y2R at the Sustainable Living Festival 2014

  1. The best way to make the government stop and start doing things in a favorable way is to make them read this article that talks about the usage of renewable and its growth globally.

    This would set best example for all the state government to make considerable changes and grant permission to all the projects thinking of our planet and people.

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