Dispatch from SA: South Australia’s solar summer

South Australian Yes 2 Renewables contributor Dave Clarke has been tracking his state’s progress on renewable energy for years. Clarke has visited the Snowtown II wind farm which is now under construction and has pointed out milestones in renewable energy.

Here’s Dave with another quick dispatch from the frontline of the renewable energy transition:

Solar energy data for 25 January, 2014. Australian PV Institute.

When it comes to renewable energy, South Australia is leaving the other states for dead.

At the peak on Saturday 25 January 2014, 26 percent of the state’s  power was coming from solar. The closest rival was Victoria with about 7 percent.

In addition to the growing contribution of solar, South Australia also generates about half of Australia’s wind power and about 30 percent of its own electricity from the wind.

It’s interesting to think about the role of government. Could the disparity have anything to do with us having a government favourable to renewables and other states having governments who are hostile to renewables?

Good question Dave. What do Yes 2 Renewables readers think? Please chime in below. We’d love to know.

One thought on “Dispatch from SA: South Australia’s solar summer

  1. Well done SA, it goes to show how possible this all is. Yes, I do believe it is at least in part political, it seems the LNP is in the pay of the fossil fuel industry, so what can we expect. Very sad, as the climate will effect us all. And I thought government was for us all, but it seems not any more, just for those who can pay.

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