Request Denied – Locals react to anti-wind group’s decision to keep name

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 2.09.52 PMThe anti-wind farm group, the ‘Waubra’ Foundation, has ignored a community request to stop using the town’s name. For the time being, the quaint town in western Victoria will continue to be tarnishing by the anti-wind farm scare campaign.

The Foundation informed the community of their decision to keep ‘Waubra’ in its title in a statement released late on Monday (16 December, 2013) afternoon.

According the the statement which makes the group sound somewhat like a religious cult, “The name Waubra Foundation is established and is revered by victims of wind projects worldwide.”  What was their rationale for ignoring the community? They say a name change would “halt their momentum”–probably a good thing given the lack of evidence supporting their claims of a wind turbine noise disease and the impact of fear mongering.

How has the Waubra community responded to the news? 

The Molloys, a wind farming family from Waubra.

In a statement published by the Victorian Wind Alliance, Waubra wind farmer Karen Molloy expressed disappointment at the Foundation’s decision.

“For the people who live here, Waubra is all about the school, the sporting clubs and the community groups that hold this community together,” said the local resident and member of the Waubra Community Hub committee.

“Our community is coming along in leaps and bounds and that’s what Waubra should be known for. We’re very disappointed that the directors are so single-minded in their dislike of wind farms that they don’t realise this.”

“When you live on the North Shore of Sydney or the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, as some of the directors do, it would be pretty hard to know what’s really happening here.

“We’ve been clear that they can carry on their campaigning against wind farms if they want but out of respect for the people who live here, leave our name out of it.”

The community members will take time over the Christmas break to consider how to continue their fight.

“We’re not going to take this one lying down and we’re very upset by the damage this organisation is causing our town,” said Doug Hobson, another Waubra farmer. “We’re currently trying to work out how on earth we can convey to these people what Waubra is actually about.

One thought on “Request Denied – Locals react to anti-wind group’s decision to keep name

  1. How about they find 2 bob to register a new organisation with name like Waubra Foundary, name justified as local craft group making ornament out of horseshoes or whatever. The point is that, at least, this will show in web search, even ahead of nemesis in alphabetic listing, just something to annoy the crap out of them,

    cya, B.

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