Local businesses welcome Cherry Tree Range approval

weddingsThe BEAM-Mitchell Environment Group were active supporters of the Cherry Tree Range wind farm. But they’re not the only ones who have welcomed the project.

Local business support for the wind farm is also strong. Rocky Passes vineyard is in the immediate vicinity of the proposed wind farm and applauds the VCAT decision to approve the Infigen project.

“It is based on science and evidence in health, environment, aesthetic and heritage issues” say owners Candi Westney and Victor Oles. “We would be delighted to be part of a community that is proactive in reducing our reliance on coal-based power and welcome the Cherry Tree Range wind farm to our neighbourhood”.

Greg Byers of Cartridge World sees the proposal as an important part of the mix of renewable energy and acknowledges the considerable economic benefits the project can deliver for the Seymour region.

BEAM Vice-President Peter Lockyer agrees “The Infigen project is an important part of the mix of renewables, along with rooftop solar, that can benefit the triple bottom line for our region. There are social and environmental benefits to be achieved by this.”

Wind farms are a win win for communities. They’re good for our economy and our environment.


BEAM stood up for a wind farm in their region. Sign the petition to stand with them!

Stand Up Graphic
Click here to stand with BEAM and support wind energy!
*Community pic courtesy of the Seymour Telegraph

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