70% of people ‘happy’ with wind farms being built near their homes

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ImageThe majority of Britons (70.1%) would be happy to have a wind farm constructed in their local area, according to a poll commissioned by the Mail on Sunday.

A similar figure (68.1%) said they would prefer to live near to a wind development than a fracking plant, if forced to choose between the two.

Figures from the poll, conducted by Survation, were used in a Mail on Sunday article this weekend, which led with a statistic that said 60% of people were opposed to so-called green taxes.

Speaking on Wednesday, David Cameron said he wanted to “roll back” environmental regulations in order to reduce household bills. Liberal Democrat energy secretary Ed Davey has since vowed to “fight like a tiger” in order to preserve them.

The Mail on Sunday article, headlined Britain says ‘no’ to green levies: More than half of voters object to paying eco taxes, failed to mention the positivity towards renewable energy.

Jennifer Webber, director of external affairs at trade body RenewableUK, said the survey results “[go] to show that the loud opposition we sometimes hear just isn’t representative of general people’s views.”

She added, “This vote of support is consistent across age groups, voting intention and region of the country. In other words for politicians no matter which party you represent, or where in the country you are, if you oppose wind you’re out of touch with your voters.”

Split into age groups, 81.5% of people aged 18-34 said they were happy to see wind farms in their local area. Majorities were also evident in the 35-54 (68.5%) and 65+ (62.5%) bands.

Respondents of all political hues also showed support for local wind projects, with those who said they would most likely vote for the Liberal Democrats at the next general election the most positive towards such plans (81.1%).

Responding to the results that suggested Britons didn’t back green taxes, Webber said, “What’s clear is when directly asking whether they favour government spending money into the future encouraging wind, a majority of people say yes.

Currently wind adds less than £20 a year to consumer bills, but we’re not taking this support for granted, and the wind industry is going to work hard over the next few years to reduce costs even further, ensuring that we have a clean, secure, affordable energy source which can provide tens of thousands of jobs in areas of the country which need them most.”

Wind power was contributing nearly 14% of the UK’s electricity on Sunday evening according to UK Energy Watch, as strong gales swept through southern parts of England and Wales.

3 thoughts on “70% of people ‘happy’ with wind farms being built near their homes

  1. It is a pity the Mail on Sunday didn’t ask consumers what they thought of the behaviour of the big six energy providers!
    Elsewhere in the British media there have been revelations of outlandish parasitic behaviour at the top of these enterprises – all at the expense of consumers.
    Now, why does that sound familiar?

  2. Why don’t we hear politicians talking about security of electricity supply, reliability of supply and international competitiveness?

    Wind farms cannot provide the energy we need at an affordable price.

  3. It can.
    Check the numbers for South Australia.
    Contribution from windfarms UP.
    Wholesale price DOWN.
    Locally, I have been living on renewables for more than twenty years – variously: PVs, wind and hydro.
    All at very low cost!
    When state and federal governments are rejecting renewables, it’s not because of the cost.
    They are trying to protect ‘business as usual’ – something they think they understand.

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