Pollie Watch: Victorian Senator shines a light on dodgy anti-wind farm group

“So I could set myself up as the organisation to prevent Football Withdrawal Syndrome and apply for DGR status? And you would have no basis in which to reference whether that is an illness or not?”  – Senator Richard DiNatale

This week is Senator Richard DiNatale has drawn attention to tax concessions gained by registered health promotion charities, such as anti-wind farm lobbyists, the Waubra Foundation.

Senator DiNatale is a known advocate for wind power and is no stranger to the Waubra Foundation’s anti-wind farm lobbying, citing amateur ‘studies’ claiming the existence a wind-farm noise disease.

This week he has publicly questioned the ATO and the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission) on how the Waubra Foundation managed to gain Deductible Gift Recipient (charity) status, for a disease that doesn’t exist.

Watch the below video to see this renewables champion at work.

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