Ararat Councillor says wind farms are all good!

cr-g-allgoodToo many politicians at the local, state and federal level have abandoned the evidence and adopted an anti-wind farm stance.

There are those who have opposed wind energy fearing a backlash from constituents, and others have done so out of political opportunism. There are those with an ideological objection to renewable energy, and some, no doubt, have close ties with the fossil fuel sector and see wind energy as a threat to business as usual.

Then there are politicians like councillor Gwenda Allgood, who is a strong supporter of wind energy. Cr Allgood has fronted audiences in Seymour and King Island to tell the positive story of Ararat–a community in west Victoria that is immensely proud of its wind farm.

In an interview with ABC Radio last week, Ararat Regional City councillor Gwenda Allgood detailed her community’s experience with wind energy.

The long-serving councillor and five-time mayor told Joseph Thomsen that the Challicum Hills wind farm had its planning application approved without any objections. Cr Allgood explains the ways in which the company behind the project Pacific Hydro contributes to the community and how wind turbines can drought-proof farms.

“Ararat embraces the idea of wind energy,” says Councillor Allgood. “Always has and, hopefully, always will.”

Yes 2 Renewables commend councillor Allgood for showing strong leadership on wind energy. Cr Allgood joins the likes of retired Liberal senator Peter Rae as a model for how politicians can show leadership on wind energy.

Wind energy promises jobs, drought-proof income for farmers, community benefits and action on climate change. Australia can capture these benefits. We just need more politicians like councillor Allgood.

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