Claims of wind farms in national parks, disingenuous

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 12.14.31 PM
A wind farm at Wilson’s Promontory? I don’t think so!

It is disingenuous for anti-wind farm campaigner Keith Staff (‘Wind farms aren’t welcome in parks’, Oct 30) to suggest Victoria’s national parks will be open for wind farm developments when the government’s restrictions on the technology are lifted.

National parks exists to protect places for their high conservation value and human enjoyment. As someone who closely follows renewable energy development in Australia, Mr Staff’s comment is the first suggestion of wind farm projects in our parks.

To clear the water for Weekly Times readers, what the Victorian Labor party has stated is an intent to scrap the arbitrarily established ‘no-go’ zones that ban wind farms in the windiest parts of the state. Planning Minister Matthew Guy imposed the laws in 2011 at Premier Baillieu’s behest without community consultation or economic impact assessment.

The Napthine government’s anti-wind farm laws have killed off community-owned wind farm projects in Anglesea and Woodend, preventing locals from taking control of their energy future. They have also stalled the modestly-sized Cherry Tree Range wind farm, risking jobs and a drought-proof income stream for the region.

The claim wind farms will be built in national parks is a furphy. One that distracts from the real costs of the state’s anti-wind farm laws.

Comm wind killed off
The Coalition government’s ‘no-go’ zones for wind farms have killed of community energy projects in Woodend and Anglesea.

2 thoughts on “Claims of wind farms in national parks, disingenuous

  1. Baillieu’s unreasonable restrictions s need to go and connivance by certain Liberal politicians and ex-politicians with anti-weind farm campaigners needs to stop. There’s no way any govt would allow a windfarm in the Prom. The recent protests were against other intrusions such as commercial up- market accomm etc – suggested under the Coalition. Similar suggestions by the Kennet Govt got short shrift.

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