Appointments show Waubra Foundation can’t be trusted

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Retired Lliberal Member for Hume, Alby Schultz

Well known anti-wind farm campaign group, the Waubra Foundation, has announced several more wind energy opponents to official positions. The move shows the Waubra Foundation is not an impartial authority on matters of human health.

It also illustrates that their views on the Cherry Tree Range wind farm proposed for Trawool, currently before VCAT, fail the independence test and can’t be trusted.

Retired Liberal MP Alby Schultz was announced as ‘Patron to the Foundation’. Schultz has a track record of bagging the wind energy sector in the Parliament and attended an anti-wind rally at Parliament House in June.

New director Charlie Arnott opposes the Rugby wind farm and another in Alexandra Nicol was staffer to Liberal WA senator Chris Back who also appeared at the anti-wind rally in Canberra.

Appointing people with a background of involvement with anti-wind farm campaigns comes as no surprise and further undermines the Foundation’s claim to be independent and trustworthy on wind energy and health.

Just one week after Waubra community members called on the anti-wind farm group to stop using the town’s name, these appointments of more office holders from outside the town reinforces the case of Waubra locals who want their name back.

Waubra Foundation office holders live between 122 and 793 kilometres from Waubra–a combined total of 3,171 kilometres away from the town. Such vast distances make a mockery of their use of the town’s name. It’s time for the foundation to respect the wishes of locals, and stop misrepresenting themselves as having any links to Waubra.

Waubra Directors
From SourceWatch

The Waubra Foundation claims wind energy technology causes a bizarre range of health impacts. It continues to make them in spite of findings from several credible heath authorities, such as the Victorian Department of Health, who find wind farms are clean and safe.

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