Waubra Wednesday #7 – Locals tell their story about wind energy

In September, independent filmmaker Neil Barrett released a short documentary presenting the views of people living near one of Australia’s largest wind farms, located in Waubra, Victoria.

The personal accounts Mr Barrett documents in The Way the Wind Blows demonstrates there is strong support for the wind farm within the Waubra community. The personal accounts tell a positive story and challenge the myths that have emerged about wind energy.

The Molloys – Wind farming family from Waubra, Victoria.

Karen and Steve Molloy are well-known Waubra wind farmers with seven towers on their land. Some Yes 2 Renewables readers will be familiar with Karen due to her appearance at the successful Rally 4 Renewables held in Canberra in June. The event countered a lacklustre anti-wind farm rally at Parliament House that same day.

The thousand odd people who saw Karen Molloy speak in Canberra mid year will know she calls it how it is:

“I can see 27 wind towers from our kitchen and we have no impact,” says Karen Molloy. “I lived for five years on a very busy main road in Melbourne, in Yarraville, and the noise is nothing up here compared to the big trucks roaring through the night every hour…”

What else do the Molloy’s have to say about neighbouring one of Australia’s largest wind farms?… Watch the video below to find out.

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