Policy Watch: Shadow planning minister vows to “rip up” anti-wind farm laws

Shadow Minister for Planning, Brian Tee (Victorian Labour Party).
Shadow Minister for Planning, Brian Tee (Victorian Labour Party).

The Victorian Labor party has promised to repeal the anti-wind farm laws imposed by Premier Baillieu if elected next year.

In an interview with Sean McComish of The Standard, shadow planning minister Brian Tee has vowed to “rip up” the anti-wind farms planning measures.

The 2km setback for wind turbines which gives householders a right of veto as well as the blanket ban on wind farms within 5km of regional towns will be scrapped under a Labor government:

“One of the first things I will do as planning minister is rip up those constraints,” he said.

“We think the two-kilometre setback zone is extreme and has cost thousands of jobs. Under our policy we will get the balance right. It has closed down the industry.”

Mr Tee indicated Labor would be guided by the policies of South Australia where the Labor government in that state has overseen a rapid rollout of wind farms–creating jobs while cutting emissions.

The commitment to restore fair laws for wind farms comes just days after shadow energy minister Lily D’Ambrosio challenged the Napthine governments track record on renewable energy.

Yes 2 Renewables welcome the Victorian Labor party’s commitment  and encourage all political parties to reflect mainstream views and support policies that deliver more wind farms for our state. Wind farms deliver jobs and drought-proof income for farmers while addressing climate change.

2 thoughts on “Policy Watch: Shadow planning minister vows to “rip up” anti-wind farm laws

  1. Hon: Shadow Minister for Planning Mr Brian Tee it`s Great to see that you are supporting Renewable Energy. but I ask is the Labor Government going to compensate the thousands of Victorian Coastal Residents at the Golden Beach Club Estate, for the huge damages to our property Value that we have suffered due to oil gas and water extraction from the Latrobe Aquifer at Bass Strait?

  2. Labor is often good at ‘talking the talk’ in the run up to an election and not so enthusiastic to ‘walk the walk’ afterwards. Sounds hopeful but seeing is believing and there’s nothing to see yet.

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