Why are renewable energy projects being killed off by the Napthine govt?

After appearing in The Geelong Advertiser expressing concern about the Napthine government’s energy policy–which has killed of another renewable energy project in the Geelong/Surf Coast region–Yes 2 Renewables received the following letter from Geelong and Surf Coast locals, Mik Aidt and Anthony Gleeson.

Aidt and Gleeson make a forceful argument about the need for the state government to support renewables and act on climate change:

Why is it decision makers in Australia think it is important to spend millions of dollars on building new and bigger roads, while investing in renewable energy, which can lead to improved health and a safer climate, is not important?

The seriousness of the threat which climate change presents has recently been emphasised by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Their Fifth Assessment Report shows there’s is a planetary emergency. Why on earth are the politicians who have been elected to take responsibility for our safety and well-being not thinking  that these risks of climate calamity described by science should be dealt with immediately and with full force?

A sobering chart from the latest IPCC report.

The latest example of how Victorian politicians have failed to act is a geothermal project that would power Geelong’s city and manufacturing industry as well as the Surf Coast Region with renewable energy. The 12MW geothermal energy installation would create jobs, investment opportunities and help power Geelong without polluting emissions. But these plans are now close to being scrapped after the Victorian Government has withdrawn its $25 million grant for the project.

South Australia’s wind farms provide around 27 percent of their electricity while Victoria is being left behind because of laws that ban wind farms. Our elected leaders are determined to dig up as much heavily polluting brown coal as they can, ‘clean’ it up so that it’s just as polluting as black coal and then export it. They are completely ignoring community concerns about the environmental and health impacts of doing this, and they are ignoring the warnings about a climate catastrophe which our children will have to suffer with when they grow up.

Science doesn’t even leave us a choice. We must transition to a low carbon economy as fast as possible. We must invest in renewable energy projects. Victoria has all the resources to embrace this, but right now we are lacking the political will. How can a city which prides itself on ‘futureproofing’ itself allow this to continue?

Instead of being part of this retrograde decision by the Napthine Government, it is time for MP Andrew Katos to stand up for renewables and represent his constituents by bringing clean, sustainable energy and technology solutions to Geelong.

Citizens of Geelong are urging our politicians to take action.


The renewable energy projects which have been killed off by Coalition government policies would have created local jobs, investment, and helped power Geelong without polluting emissions.

If you’re a local and think Mr Katos should stand up for renewable energy in the Coalition party room, now’s the time to send a message:

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