How many MCGs can Australia’s wind farms power?

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At 12:30pm on Grand Final day, Australia’s wind farms were generating enough electricity to power 783 MCGs.

Wind energy is clean and safe. It creates jobs investment and drought-proof income for farmers.  Importantly, wind farms cut carbon emissions and help Victorians address climate change.

Former Premier Ted Baillieu enacted strict laws that ban wind farms in the windiest parts of the state. These laws are the world’s strictest and have cost the state jobs and millions of dollars worth of investment.

To date, Premier Denis Napthine has shown no interest in restoring fair laws for wind farms.

If you’d like to make Victoria the place to be for wind farms, then please support Yes 2 Renewables. You can make a donation or contact Leigh Ewbank to volunteer with the campaign: leigh.ewbank [at]

* Data courtesy of Ketan Joshi

2 thoughts on “How many MCGs can Australia’s wind farms power?

  1. Looks like Baillieu made absolutely certain that Victoria’s energy will not be derived from green sources. What a moron. As always, the Liars are in thrall to big coal.

    1. The sad thing is the benefits to regional Victoria (from wind farms) are significant. It comes with no impact on state government budgets. In other words it is pure ideological hatred of anything with the potential to reduce the need to burn coal.

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