Waubra Wednesday #1: Locals tell their story about wind energy

Last week, independent filmmaker Neil Barrett released a short documentary presenting the views of people living near one of Australia’s largest wind farms, located in Waubra, Victoria.

The personal accounts Mr Barrett documents in The Way the Wind Blows demonstrates there is strong support for the wind farm within the Waubra community. The personal accounts tell a positive story and challenge the myths that have emerged about wind energy.

Farmer Rod Brennan neighbours the Waubra wind farm–living just 700 metres away from turbines. “We’re a stones throw away from the Waubra wind farm…”, Brennan says in the clip below, ” we have absolutely no trouble with them at all.” What else does Mr Brennan have to say about living near a wind farm?… Watch the video below to find out. 

One thought on “Waubra Wednesday #1: Locals tell their story about wind energy

  1. Great video. Eggs without shells is a *very* common issue with hens, particularly when they first come into lay. Chooks have plenty of weird and wonderful issues with their vents, eggs and the whole shebang due to the fact we have genetically bread them to lay far more eggs than they naturally should in a lifetime. How hilarious if the anti-wind lobby are trying to blame that on wind farms!

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