Pollie Watch: Corangamite candidate’s green credentials questioned

Abbott HendersonLiberal candidate for Australia’s most marginal seat of Corangamite, Sarah Henderson, has refused to be drawn into a debate about her stance on wind energy.

Last week, Yes 2 Renewables and the local group Surf Coast Air Action raised questions about Ms Henderson’s stance after she endorsed the Baillieu era planning amendments which banned new wind farms in the windiest parts of the state.

The efforts of Y2R and SCAA sparked interest in the region and was reported on by The Surf Coast Times.

A week out from election day, there’s still time for Ms Henderson to reexamine her stance and adopt a position consistent with community views.

Over three quarters of Australians support more wind farms.  The Surf Coast Energy Group had plans of a community-owned wind farm project and Surf Coast Air Action will soon undertake a research report on how to transition from polluting coal power to clean renewable energy sources such as wind.

SCTimes Henderson

3 thoughts on “Pollie Watch: Corangamite candidate’s green credentials questioned

  1. The proposition that a Liberal politician has green credentials is surely an oxymoron.
    At the time of the last Victorian state election, the Liberal party had a reasonably attractive feature on their website to do with climate change, as they had endorsed the Labor government’s position in the parliament.
    On the Sunday morning after the election, it had disappeared.
    They obviously had not expected to win the election and so had to clean up their act to return to the normal Liberal position on environmental issues for which they are well known.

  2. The Liberal party should stop pretending they have any interest in supporting renewables, they are wholly-owned subsidiary of the coal industry and the likes of Reinhardt and Murdoch. Their attitude seems to be, why do anything meaningful about the long-term future of our energy supply and the planet when you can get your hands on filthy lucre right now? I think you’ll also find many of the opponents of renewable energy and action on climate change are also fairly religious. They’re not worried about trashing the planet when they get to live happily ever after.

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