Wind energy breaks records, yet opposition remains in Liberal ranks

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 4.46.55 PMBlustery conditions in South Australia and Victoria over the last few weeks have helped wind energy break records. Peter Hannam reported Australia’s wind farms generated 7.6 percent of electricity in the national grid–enough to power 2.3 million homes.

Given the proven ability of the technology, one wonders why the Liberal party has put forward several candidates this election who are opposed to wind energy.

One of which is the candidate for the seat of Hume, Angus Taylor, who has emerged as a staunch critic of wind energy and the national Renewable Energy Target–Australia’s most effective climate change policy. Mr Taylor even threw his weight behind a ‘wind power fraud’ rally organised by radical fringe groups at Parliament House in June.

Another is Sarah Henderson, who is running in Australia’s most marginal seat, Corangamite. Ms Henderson recently backed Baillieu’s anti-wind farm laws at a community forum. According to Henderson wind farms are “dividing communities.”

Dividing communities?… I don’t think so.

Poll after poll shows Australians are united in support of wind farms. When will Tony Abbott act to ensure the views of Liberal party candidates align with mainstream opinion? With political leadership on wind energy, Australians can address climate change, drought-proof communities, and have lower power bills.


3 thoughts on “Wind energy breaks records, yet opposition remains in Liberal ranks

  1. The only people dividing communities are the assorted Guardian groups who conveniently spring up whenever a new wind energy project is proposed for an area where a few silver tails have chosen to retire. Sadly they are aided and abetted by uninformed individuals like Sarah Henderson and Angus Taylor who are parroting antiscience and dodgy economic claims for purely ideological purposes.

  2. You can add Bruce Scott MP to the list of LNP candidates lost in the fog and mislead by the anti-windpower cranks.

    Australians want renewable energy but under LNP and their promotion of the fossil fuel industry lead by Gina and Clive, cutbacks to R&D and removing project funding, we are way behind the world with regards to their already achieved renewable energy targets.

    Residents within the proposed Coopers Gap wind farm scheme are all in support and awaiting further progress with this renewable energy project. If Mr Newman and the Queensland LNP ever decide to actually set some guidelines for wind turbines and farms, this project will get off the ground quicker.

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