Pollie Watch: Sen Madigan perpetuates wind/health claims that put jobs and investment at risk

MadiganAnti-wind farm crusader, Senator John Madigan, has reentered the debate for the first time since the lacklustre ‘wind power fraud’ rally in the nation’s capital last June.

Senator Madigan, whose credibility on wind farms has been thoroughly debunked, has had a letter published in The Courier rebutting Andrew Bray of the VicWind Alliance. In it, the Senator perpetuates claims wind farms cause health impacts. Madigan refers to the “real-life consequences of wind turbines” and argues the wind energy/health issue must be “fully investigated by independent organisations before our landscape becomes dotted with more and more turbines.”

The Courier was sent the following letter by Yes 2 Renewables:

Is there no end to the claim wind farms cause ill health effects?

Nineteen reviews by credible health bodies give wind energy a clean bill of health. Reputable bodies, such as Victoria’s own Department of Health, have shown turbines do not affect health—that of humans, animals or even earthworms (as suggested by some anti-wind energy campaigners).

How many more tax-payer funded studies are needed before Senator Madigan and anti-wind farm campaigners accept that wind energy is clean and safe?

The claims perpetuated by Senator Madigan put jobs and income in regional Victoria at risk.

Research by Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) shows a typical 50-megawatt wind farm creates 48 direct construction jobs and five on-going jobs for the life of the project. Wind farms of this size generate $250,000 for wind farm hosts each year, and contribute up to $80,000 annually to community projects.

Victorians expect leadership from our politicians, not pandering to vocal minorities. Parliamentarians who show leadership on the issue and secure jobs and investment will be rewarded at the ballot box.


If you’re one of the 76 percent of Australians who support building more wind farms, you might like to contact the Senator Madigan and let him know about your views.

Senator Madigan – Electorate office, (03) 5331 2321. Parliamentary office, (02) 6277 3471. Email: Senator.Madigan@aph.gov.au

One thought on “Pollie Watch: Sen Madigan perpetuates wind/health claims that put jobs and investment at risk

  1. Sadly, we have some of the same sorts of political antagonists here in Ontario and Canada at the provincial and federal levels, who go out of their way to pander to the primarily Conservative anti-wind minority, in hopes of whipping up some contributions to their parties coffers. Truth be damned when it comes to knocking those in power who are trying to move us into the 21st Century and deal with climate change.

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