Pollie Watch: MP urged to rethink anti-wind protest

Craig_KellySutherland Climate Action Network has urged Federal MP for Hughes Craig Kelly to “rethink” his involvement in an upcoming anti-wind farm rally in Canberra.

Mr Kelly has agreed to speak at the Wind Power Fraud Rally on June 18 organised by a group calling itself Stop These Things. Rally organisers claim wind power is a “fraud” and low-frequency infrasound from wind turbines is “driving people out of their homes.”

However Mr Kelly confirmed that he supports renewable energy, including wind farms, at a meeting last Friday with Sutherland Climate Action Network members Sue McKinnon and Jonathan Doig.

He also supports Coalition policy to retain the Renewable Energy Target for generators to supply 20% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

“Why is Mr Kelly speaking at a fringe rally against renewable energy, when our surveys show nine out of ten Shire residents want more renewable energy across Australia?” asked Mr Doig.

“If it’s just to present the Coalition’s view, which is in support of wind farms, then why aren’t Labor and the Greens also speaking?”

“Speaking at an alarmist anti-wind rally undermines the Coalition’s commitment to renewable energy and serious climate action,” Ms McKinnon said.  “It threatens business confidence in an industry that is pouring millions of dollars and thousands of jobs into regional Australia.”

“Mr Kelly should speak up for his own electorate. Renewable energy employs small businesses and tradespeople, and we want more solar and wind, not less.”

Mr Kelly will confirm the Coalition’s policy to undertake a study into wind turbine infrasound and health.

However the National Health and Medical Research Council has already completed a scientific review in 2010, finding “no published scientific evidence to positively link wind turbines with adverse health effects.” The Council is currently conducting a second review to be published later this year.

“Why spend taxpayers’ money on yet another study to confirm the obvious?” said Ms McKinnon.

“Wind farms don’t make anyone sick. The alleged health impacts mysteriously cluster around the activities of anti-wind activists, some of whom have personal investments in coal seam gas or nuclear energy. Their fear-mongering can cause stress-related illnesses.”

2 thoughts on “Pollie Watch: MP urged to rethink anti-wind protest

  1. “Mr Kelly will confirm the Coalition’s policy to undertake a study into wind turbine ‘infrasound’ and health”.
    Why does the Liberal Party want another inquiry?
    The NHMRC and very recently the Victorian Health Dept have declared there are no negative health effects caused by wind turbines.
    Is there the hope that if one institutes a sufficiently large number of inquiries, one might eventually get an outcome that suits one’s particular prejudice?

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