10 reasons why Napthine should bin Victoria’s wind laws


Those following the Yes 2 Renewables  campaign known that we’ve long called for Ted Baillieu’s anti-wind farm laws to be dumped. They’re costing Victoria jobs, investment, and crucial renewable energy capacity. We’re not alone.

Representing the perspective of our nascent renewable energy sector, Phil Burn of WestWind Energy believes there a 10 reasons why the Premier should bin Victoria’s draconian wind farm planning laws. You can read about them at RenewEconomy (heres a sample):

  1. Wind energy equals a jobs and investment boon for Victoria
  2. Because there is no accountability on those determining the location of wind turbines
  3. Distances between homes and turbines should be based on the distance required to meet performance standards
  4. There has been no assessment or justification for blanket area bans over swathes of Victoria
  5. It causes uncertainty by affecting Victoria’s multi-billion dollar wind project pipeline
  6. The state government has backed the wrong horse
  7. The current policy will ultimately result in an increase in electricity cost
  8. Wind energy is the cleanest and safest form of electricity generation
  9. In the words of the Premier, wind turbines are ‘absolutely fantastic’
  10. Preventing the development of wind projects is globally irresponsible

Yes 2 Renewables is making the case to restore fairness to renewable energy planning laws. But we need your help…

Take Action – Since Dr Napthine took office as Premier, nearly 2000 Victorians have signed our petition calling on Ted Baillieu’s anti-wind farm laws to be dumped. Help build the momentum to restore fair laws for wind farms and sign our petition.

Support Yes 2 Renewables – Friends of the Earth need your help to encourage informed debate and progressive renewable energy policies. You can support Yes 2 Renewables’ efforts with a small donation or by volunteering your time. Email leigh.ewbank [at] FoE.org to find out how you can get involved.

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