Pollie Watch: Poll shows another wind/health inquiry is unnecessary

AbbottEarth to Tony Abbott and co…

If elected, a Coalition government will hold another ‘expert’ inquiry into the alleged health impacts of wind farms. But a poll at The Age newspaper shows a whopping 73 percent of readers think another parliamentary inquiry is unnecessary.

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Contrary to the dubious claims of anti-wind farm activists, the technology has a clean bill of health. More than 17 peer-reviewed studies have shown turbines do not affect health—that of humans, animals or even earthworms (as suggested by some anti-wind energy campaigners). Australia’s authority on public health research, the National Health and Medical Research Council, says (2010)  ‘There is currently no published scientific evidence to positively link wind turbines with adverse health effects.’

It’s time for Australia to get on with the job of rolling our renewables. Rather than another inquiry into wind farms and health, Yes 2 Renewables urge the Coalition to commit to an inquiry on how Australia can accelerate its transition from polluting fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy.

4 thoughts on “Pollie Watch: Poll shows another wind/health inquiry is unnecessary

  1. Abbott is not interested in evidence, obvious from his climate change stance. If you want to know Abbott’s line, just check the editorial pages of the Australian, it will tell you.

  2. Great, more taxes being wasted on parliamentary inquiries into the so called health effects of safe and clean energy. Now it’s the LNP calling for such inquires rather than supporting regional business – DUMB. Who will be the experts, Laurie, Marshall, IPA, WF, Bell – spare me.

    If you are going to look at ‘so called health effects’ then let’s look at real health impacts of all other power generation and transport…while we are at it let’s have an inquiry as to whether the earth is flat and whether Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing.

  3. How about an inquiry into the health impacts of coal mining in local communities, or unconventional gas? It beggars belief that the Coalition would preference assessment and research into an already studies and safe renewable energy generation technology when there is mounting overseas evidence of the harm caused by coal mininng and fossil fuel combustion.

  4. More sops to a pressure group with no scientific evidence to back their claims but associated with nuclear power advocates and certain Liberal party insiders. As many farmers welcome the opportunity to host wind turbines, I would guess this is an issue where there are significant numbers of National Party supporters of wind generation not being listened to by Abbott.

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