Pollie Watch: Vic Greens leader says anti-wind farm lobby causes stress, anxiety

Greg wind turbine near portland_0Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber (MLC) has joined his federal counterpart Senator Richard Di Natale in identifying anti-wind farm campaigning as the source of stress and anxiety falsely attributed to wind mills.

On Thursday March 1, the Australian Senate debated the anti-wind farm bill  proposed by Senators John Madigan (DLP) and Nick Xenaphon (Ind). Greens Senator Richard Di Natale  gave a powerful speech addressing the alleged health impacts from wind farm noise. Di Natale, a doctor and medical health specialist, said “It is the spread of misinformation that causes harm; not the wind turbines themselves.”

Mr Barber’s office released the following statement on the matter echoing Di Natale’s assessment of the real causes of stress and anxiety:

The Greens say it is the anti wind farm lobby that is causing stress and anxiety amongst wind farm neighbours.“There is no ‘wind turbine syndrome’, only Simon Ramsay Syndrome,” said Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber.“He’s running around scaring people into thinking this mysterious low frequency noise is making them sick.” 

“How can that be when we are all continuously exposed to low frequency noise? We’re swimming in it. It comes from the wind in the trees, the waves at the beach, cars on the highway, appliances around our own homes.”

“They keep calling for more studies. Well the South Australian EPA did one, it was definitive and the anti wind guys immediately attacked it. Their strategy and the strategy of Mr Ramsay, is simply to oppose everything and when they run out of rope, shift to a new anti wind argument.”

“After the Liberals brought in a two kilometre zone of veto for new wind farms, Mr Ramsay starts saying they affect people five kilometres away. It’s time the new Premier, whose own electorate is the biggest beneficiary of wind farms, told him to quit the nonsense,” said Mr Barber.

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