Pollie Watch: Victorian Senator says ‘misinformation’ causes harm not wind turbines

Greens Senate Candidate Dr Richard Di Natale.Victorian Senator Richard Di Natale of the Australian Greens has defended the role of science in policymaking during the debate on the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment (Excessive Noise from Wind Farms) Bill. Yesterday morning, the Australian Senate was considering the request of anti-wind duo, Senator’s Madigan (DLP) and Xenophon (Ind), to reintroduce their bill targeting wind farms for “excessive noise”.

The fresh attempt to advance the bill allowed Senator Di Natale to enter the debate and present a cogent argument against the bill. On the alleged health impacts from wind farm noise, Di Natale, a doctor and medical health specialist, said “It is the spread of misinformation that causes harm; not the wind turbines themselves.”

What was the result of the Madigan and Xenaphon’s latest push? Rationality prevailed in the Australian Senate. It voted  36 to 32 to against the anti-wind farm bill.

6 thoughts on “Pollie Watch: Victorian Senator says ‘misinformation’ causes harm not wind turbines

  1. Wow very well said. Shame 32 other Senators supported the Madigan and Xenaphon Bill. What has become of the Party Room these days?

  2. Rationality prevailed in the Australian senate but only just. What possible justification could the 32 idiots have advanced for a reconsideration of the Madigan – Xenophon Bill.

  3. Leeroy; there are 25 Liberal Senators (16 of whome don’t accept climate science ramblingsdc.net/Australia/Liberal.html#Special_section), most of them would support anything that is against renewable energy. The Nationals too, would be against renewables.

    1. I see. Very sad. Even if they don’t accept AGW (thereby ignoring BOM, CSIRO, etc etc) they seem to support localised pollution of air and water and oppose regional investment. Dumb, dumb, dumb

  4. So where does this vote by the coalition Senators leave the Coalition’s official policy of direct action to mitigate ghg emissions and their official policy of support for the MRET, also support for 5% reduction of ghg emissions by 2020? Looks like Greg Hunt , Malcolm Turnbull and others of their ilk are in a most uncomfortable situation. Apparently the Coalition’s policy on GHG sequestration ( via soil management and tree planting) has been deleted from their website as too many experts for example CSIRO have demonstrated its inadequacy.

  5. Well done Di Natale, a great defense of the scientific model in the face of an array of pseudo-medical science and logical fallacies put up by Xenophon and others like Sarah Laurie.

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