Campaign Diary 2013: Environment groups fightback in Central Victoria

Mythbusting flier
The joint Yes 2 Renewables/BEAM-Mitchell Environment Group mythbusting flier.

Yes 2 Renewables has partnered with a Central Victorian community environment group to fight back against anti-wind farm activists who have run a scare-campaign surrounding a proposed wind farm at Cherry Tree Range, in Trawool.

Opponents of the wind farm held town hall meetings, spammed the letters-to-the-editor columns in local newspapers, and distributed pamphlets making claims about wind energy that are not supported by the evidence. Nonetheless, the constant presence of anti-wind farm propaganda has convinced some in the community that the Cherry Tree Range proposal is bad news.

Yes 2 Renewables joined forces with BEAM-Mitchell Environment Group to reengage the community and set the record straight when it comes to wind energy. We have produced a mythbusting flier that debunks misinformation about wind farms.

BEAM-Mitchell Environment Group’s statement which accompanies the flier.

Our document offers a point-by-point rebuttal of the anti-wind farm case. Each point includes citations, which interested members of the public can follow up if they would like a deeper understanding of the issues. Community members excited about local renewable energy generation raised enough money to print 20,000 copies that will be widely distributed throughout the region.

The fruits of our labour are already apparent. The joint Y2R/BEAM initiative has received impressive coverage in the local press—The Seymour TelegraphStock & Land, The Seymour Ngambie Advertiser and The Country News—and dozens of emails and phone calls from locals who are standing up in support of the local renewable energy project.

NOTE: If you live in Central Victoria and want to show your support for the Cherry Tree Range wind farm, please email BEAMprowindfarm [at]

BEAM-Mitchell Environment Group members working together to support a local renewable energy project.

2 thoughts on “Campaign Diary 2013: Environment groups fightback in Central Victoria

  1. I managed to zoom in on the flyer to read it, and was very impressed. You should let Y2R put a full-sized copy of the factsheet on the website. (Y2R: put a copy of the info flyer on your website!) I like the dotpoints of info – easy to take in. It really hits all the main points in a small space. Great work and thank you!

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