Media Watch blow away The Weekend Australian’s wind energy myths

A few weeks ago The Weekend Australian published a misleading story which implied Victoria’s wind energy generators had not delivered carbon emissions savings.

Those of you paying close attention to renewable energy debates in Australia may have seen Dave Clarke’s rebuttal, which takes The Australian’s environment editor Graham Lloyd to task for the misleading statements and misinterpreted evidence contained in his article. For those of you who don’t live-and-breathe all things renewable energy, it’s your lucky day: ABC’s journalism watchdog Media Watch have joined in to hold The Weekend Australian to account. You can watch the segment—’When the wind blows, where does the energy go?’—here.

One thought on “Media Watch blow away The Weekend Australian’s wind energy myths

  1. shame MW didn’t go further and look at everything wind related to emerge from The Australian over the last two years. Yokeless eggs etc…

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