Report Launch: How Australia Can Lead on Climate Change

Ever wondered how Australia could go from a laggard to a leader when it comes to addressing climate change? Well, a comprehensive plan to turn around Australia’s lacklustre performance is on its way.

Next week, leading climate change solutions think tank Beyond Zero Emissions will launch their new report, From Laggard to Leader, which will spark a debate about Australia’s role in global efforts to address climate change. (The Yes 2 Renewables campaign has had a sneak peak at the report and can confirm it includes a big role for renewable energy.)

The report with put to rest three arguments (weak ones I might add) used by those who oppose the Australia taking leadership on climate change and energy policy:

  1. ‘Australia is only a small part of the climate problem’
  2. ‘We shouldn’t act before the rest of the world’
  3. ‘Our actions won’t make a difference, anyway’

Lead authors of Laggard to Leader Fergus Green and Rueben Finighan will outline Australia’s true impact on the climate and detail steps for how Australia can break the international climate policy deadlock in a series of launch events in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The launches are a must for those who want Australia to lift its game.

Launch details:


5 thoughts on “Report Launch: How Australia Can Lead on Climate Change

  1. Great stuff 🙂 What about little old Perth though? I would’ve thought WA would be ideal for renewable energy, given our abundance of sun, wind, waves, tides, space and money… And our useless Liberal state govt who are happy with gas and coal power. Anyway, look forward to reading it at least. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks for the comment. The Y2R team agree with you: West Australia certainly is ideal for renewable energy projects.

      It can be costly to fly to Perth, so that perhaps explains why the launches are limited to the east coast. It might be worth investigating whether the events will have a live stream. The University of Melbourne often streams events of this nature.

      Cheers, L

  2. Ryan, a more active presence in WA would be great, but we aren’t quite there yet! If you get in touch with BZE via their website, every new volunteer helps us to set up a more organised presence.

  3. As I have pointed out before on this site, it is a ‘no brainer’.
    I have set up my situation so that I have a zero emissions lifestyle, and it is a low cost, high performance setup.
    I receive no power bills, no water bills.
    I have no heating costs, no cooling costs – a comfortable lifestyle.
    I am becoming ever more frustrated at the persistent level of ill informed comment.
    Don’t talk about it – DO IT!

  4. Ryan, look at Sustainable Energy Now Inc ( who worked with BZE with the launch of their first report in Perth. SEN are working hard to show how a mix of renewable energy technologies, including solar, wind, wave, geothermal and biomass, could meet all electrical demand on WA’s main electricity grid, called the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).

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