The Big Ask: can you support our work?

Will you say yes to renewable energy?

Friends of the Earth (FoE) is an environmental and social justice community organisation.

FoE has been campaigning in Australia for nearly 40 Years.

We rely on the support of members and donors to survive.

Right now Friends of the Earth needs your financial support to continue campaigning on the BIG Issues in 2012.

The green battle lines are drawn, we are ready to fight. Are you ready to dig deep and support our work?

Donate or become a member today!

Friends of the Earth rally for wind energy, Melbourne, 29.9.2011

2 thoughts on “The Big Ask: can you support our work?

  1. I think you are taking the wrong approach. You should be pushing for a similar buffer from coal mines as from wind farms. Also I am sure you mean residents of Daylesford not residence.

  2. Gerard, thanks for the proofreading! The typo should be fixed now.

    You may be interested to know that the Victorian Farmers’ Federation seem to have taken your stance regarding coal (and CSG).

    We still think that the threats from coal and CSG are a few orders of magnitude higher than wind turbines, but the state government do appear to have been wedged by their own logic…

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