Offshore Disaster by Ed Stein

You know what I hate about wind turbines?

From Neil Blanchard via Ontario Highlands Friends of Wind Power

You know what I hate about wind turbines?

Offshore Disaster by Ed Stein

The smokestacks.
The smoke.
The smog.
The mercury pollution.
The cooling towers.
The explosions.
The spills.
The limited fuel supply.
The other countries that control the wind.
The military cost to defend the wind.
The radiation.
The death of miners.
The fly ash.
The tailing ponds.
The methane gas releases.
The huge carbon footprint.
The increasing cost over time.
The inefficiency.
The pipelines.
The contaminated water.
The damage to our lungs and overall health done by wind turbines is horrendous.
The acid rain is nasty.
The mountaintop removal.
The waste.

I also hate the fact that they look like graceful wind sculptures, that let us see the wind.  I hate the fact that they are much quieter than a highway.


Not really…


3 thoughts on “You know what I hate about wind turbines?

  1. Last weekend I stood among the eighteen wind towers at Albany, Western Australia. They supply about eighty percent of the town’s power. I loved the way the whis- whis- whisper of the turbines gently massaged my ears. With the towers behind me I walked over the beach dune to see dolphins riding the surf and thought how very appropriate that was.

    More wind power please.

  2. You listed some of the pitfalls of burning fossil fuels. Among them — mountain top removal. I bet you didn’t know that this is done for industrial wind developments, too. Constructing industrial-scale wind developments in rural areas requires leveling mountain tops, fragmenting eco-systems with roads, and in the case of water-based installations like that demonstrated in your cartoon — disturbing lake and sea beds. Wind turbines kill bats by making their lungs explode. And all this for what? A piddle of unreliable electricity. All societies should focus on conservation and greater grid efficiency. Those are our greatest untapped resources.

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