No windfarm health worries at Yambuk

So as a coincidental follow-on from yesterday’s news (Wind turbines not a health problem, say Germans and Danes), the Warrnambool Standard has an article today about the neighbours of the Codrington wind farm, the oldest in the state, built in 2001. Here’s how the article starts:

Yambuk couple happy living with wind farms

ALEX SINNOTT, 05 Apr, 2012

RESIDENTS situated near wind turbines along the south-west coast near Yambuk have dispelled concerns that the renewable energy generators cause health problems.

Geoff Tonks and Yuan Fu at Yambuk
Geoff Tonks and Yuan Fu at Yambuk (from the Standard)

Pacific Hydro linked up the Codrington wind farm to the power grid in 2001, the first of its kind in Victoria and a harbinger for the numerous larger developments that have now dotted the district.

While health issues emanating from turbine noise have been raised by community members in other parts of the state, residents surrounding the Codrington site claim any medical fears are unfounded.

Codrington Gardens owner Geoff Tonks said many tourists passing along the Princes Highway dropped by to observe the turbines.

(read the rest of the article – click here)

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