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The following note is from Environment Victoria. We have previously mentioned the inquiry into the state solar feed-in tariff; now you can have your say on its future. Note that submissions are due by THIS MONDAY, the 19th.

You may be aware the the Victorian Government has asked the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission  (VCEC) to review the Solar Feed-In Tariff.  The Baillieu Government has already cut back the tariff once, and there is a fear that this Inquiry will be an excuse to do what’s just happened in NSW – basically gutting the FiT.Rooftop solar panels

We have until this coming Monday 19th March to get submissions into the VCEC Inquiry on why a feed-in tariff is important, and to show that there is broad support across the community.

To help, EV has developed a quick online submission form that you can use and send to your members.  It’s very general and not at all heavy on detail, but should be useful for those that don’t want to get bogged down in numbers.

More info on the VCEC inquiry is available here.

Please feel free to send this far and wide – we’d like to get as many submitting as possible.  Also, if you know any solar installers or businesses in your area who might be interested in this please forward it onto them too, or encourage them to make a submission of their own.  Again, if you have friends or family who have already benefited from the FiT, please encourage them to submit too.

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