Invest in renewable energy, not coal

This appeared in the Sunraysia Daily, 13 Feb 2012

THE government of Ted Baillieu has recently re-stated its intention to put $50 million of public funds into a dirty coal-fired power station in the Latrobe Valley.

However, previously, the Premier has said that he will match the funding commitment of $100 million to the Mallee solar power station made by the ALP when it was in power.

So far, almost every single action by the Baillieu government on the environment has taken us backwards: our 20 per cent emissions reduction target is now ‘aspirational’, the government has enacted regressive planning policy that shuts off much of the state to job-rich wind energy, and support for solar power is languishing.

The State Government could begin to develop a reputation for positive environmental action by shifting public funding away from coal and towards renewable energy projects like the Mallee Solar Park.

This project would provide jobs and opportunity for the Mildura area, while producing clean and sustainable baseload energy for the state of Victoria.

Cam Walker,
Campaigns co-ordinator,
Friends of the Earth.

2 thoughts on “Invest in renewable energy, not coal

  1. I think the problem is that Baillieu and the rest of right wing politics are driven by ideology rather than common sense and good science.

    Instead of letting objective science determine their activities, they choose to believe that any action that is remotely pro-environment is automatically socialist, antibusiness and anti-profit.

    It’s a weird outlook when you look back at history, removal of CFCs, reduction in sulphur output, removal of lead from fuel, ending asbestos mining, cracking down on tobacco companies etc is all led to healthier outcomes for people and lower costs for the community generally because we aren’t having to continually battle the results of bad industrial practices.

    Will they ever learn? Not while they value propaganda over real science.

  2. I think it’s time people concerned about the environment started to highlight the antiscience, hypocritical behaviour of our right wing politicians- as well as some of those on the left such as Martin Ferguson.

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