Wind farms & health: 17 reviews of evidence

Professor Simon Chapman of the University of Sydney has frequently weighed in on the public discussion on wind farms and public health.  He has prepared two documents, which we have available for download from this website (click on the link, they are in Word format).

  1. Summary of main conclusions reached in 17 reviews of the research literature on wind farms and health.
  2. Is there anything not caused by wind farms?  A list of diseases and symptoms said to be caused by wind turbines

Following are the comments Professor Chapman left on our report here about the Buninyong wind farms forum.

Here’s a list of 17 reviews on the evidence on windfarms & health. Reviews … not individual papers.

To argue from this that there is any justification for a “moratorium” on development is about as sensible as calling for studies into the existence of the Easter bunny. This is becoming more farcical by the week.


and here’s a 2011 Scientific American paper on the relative impacts on health of different forms of energy. Has anyone ever heard a peep from those white knights of landscape guardianship on any of these other sources? Or from our sarah?

and finally

Here’s a start to a list of problems said to be caused by wind turbines. I don’t believe there is any cause of illness that causes a more diverse range of problems, from cancer, to congenital malformations in chooks, to weight gain (and weight loss … hey why not?). Any further contributions will be added to the list. I’m confident that there will not by any organ of the body not affected, no malaise not promoted or made worse. Please post more examples here.

3 thoughts on “Wind farms & health: 17 reviews of evidence

  1. Great article, trouble is the politicians who need to know these facts aren’t interested in the inconvenient evidence. How do we shame them into acknowledging this and better still, getting them to re-evaluate their position?

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