Mildura back in hunt for $306m solar funding

From the Sunraysia Daily, journalist: MIKE STONE

Solar race back on: Mildura back in hunt for $306m after Moree fails to get funding

Hopes for the establishment of a major solar farm complex near Red Cliffs were reignited yesterday.

This follows the Federal Government’s decision to seek updated applications from the four short-listed Round 1 Solar Flagship photovoltaic applicants.

In June last year it was announced that TRUenergy’s proposed Mallee Solar Park, comprising a 180 megawatt solar power facility south of Red Cliffs, had been beaten for funding by a 150 megawatt solar farm in Moree in northern NSW.

However, after being selected as the preferred applicant, the Moree proponents had proposed major changes to their project.

They were given until December 15 to satisfy financial conditions as part of receiving a $306 million grant from the Australian Government as part of its Solar Flagships Program, but have been unable to do so.

Given these developments, the government has invited the proposals that were short-listed last year to be re-submitted.

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