State inquiry into solar feed-in tariffs: have your say!

The state government is running an inquiry into solar feed-in tariffs. According to the DPI website, “The inquiry will assess existing feed-in tariff arrangements, and will assist in determining what fair and cost-effective mechanisms can encourage the community to generate renewable energy in the future.”

The inquiry is being run by the Victorian Competition & Efficiency Commission (VCEC). The VCEC website states:

The terms of reference ask the Commission to assess the design, efficiency and effectiveness of feed-in tariffs, recommend whether existing feed-in tariffs should be continued, phased-out or amended and identify barriers to the development of a network of distributed renewable and low emission generation in Victoria.

An issues paper will be released in the near future describing the scope of the inquiry, the information the Commission is seeking, and outlining the process and timetable for the inquiry.

We’ll keep an eye on this with a view to making submissions, and we encourage readers to do so as well. Well-designed feed-in tariffs have played an important role in increasing the amount of solar power in the grid in many countries.

One thought on “State inquiry into solar feed-in tariffs: have your say!

  1. Energy fed from small-scale sources into the electricity distribution network does not reach the national grid. It only gets as far as the nearest transformer, where it is overwhelmed by bulk power coming from the grid in the opposite direction. Feed-in tarrifs and smart meters were invented by power companies who found that it was a good method of stopping our old meters from slowing down, stopping or running backwards, which of course can dramatically reduce your retail bill. These companies also reduced the voltage distributed to our homes by the SEC, and since metering is done on the basis of current and not on wattage, this is a sneaky way of immediately increasing the power price. Don’t forget that it was also the power comanies who promoted the idea of attributing greenhouse gas emission to the electricity consumer, and this is an outright lie. It is the fossil-fuel power stations which generate the emissions, and there is no fixed ratio between emissions and power consumption unless we continue to use fossil-fuel production at the same rate. Unfortunately, conventional political action includes no motivation to change this dreadful and unsustainable behaviour.

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