“We were wrong on turbine noise” admit protesters

The following news from October just came to our attention. It is from www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk

Leicester Mercury Monday, October 31, 2011

When they first heard there were going to be four giant wind turbines on their doorsteps, villagers feared the worst.

But now even some of the most hardened protesters have admitted fears over the noise have come to nothing.

  1. Farmer David Dewes

    Farmer David Dewes

The county’s first commercial wind farm has towered over the countryside between the villages of Gilmorton, Ashby Magna and Dunton Bassett, near Lutterworth, since its construction in March.

Concerns over noise from the 410ft turbines prompted swift action from residents who campaigned against the project. However, after being in operation for almost a month homeowners have said they are getting used to the gentle “swoosh” of the giant blades.

John Phillips, 70, lives in Ashby Road, less than a mile from the wind farm. He said he was against the construction at first.

He said: “I went to all the protest meetings and I was against them from the start.

“But now, I must say they don’t really bother me. I can’t hear them and I can barely see them.

“It’s like the industrial revolution all over again – people don’t like change until it actually happens and they get used to it.”

Kelly Gamage, 33, moved into her home in Gilmorton in July, and said she had no idea about the plans to build a wind farm there. She said: “It was a shock when we found out, we certainly didn’t expect anything like this when we moved in.

“At first we didn’t want them on our doorstep, but now they’re up they’re not doing any harm and there’s no noise coming from them.”

The turbines, which cost £1.8million each, stand between the three villages.

David Dewes, who owns Low Spinney Farm, after which the wind farm is named, said: “I think now the ice has been broken people are warming to them. Our home is very close to one of the turbines and the most we hear is a slight swooshing sound – some people have said it’s quite calming actually.”

The wind farm, which is connected to the National Grid, is expected to provide enough power for 5,000 homes.

It is estimated that it has produced 2.5 gigawatts of electricity since the blades began turning at the start of October.

Parish councils at Gilmorton, Ashby Magna and Dunton Bassett will receive £5,333 a year as part of the agreement with the developer, Broadview Energy.

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4 thoughts on ““We were wrong on turbine noise” admit protesters

  1. It’s good to see some people who were staunchly opposed to wind farms have the courage and integrity to admit they were mistaken and unnecessarily worried.

    “It’s like the industrial revolution all over again – people don’t like change until it actually happens and they get used to it.”

    Well said Mr Phillips.

  2. Yep, totally agree. My town is in one of Mr Baillieu’s “No Go Zones”, so we can’t have any windfarms. Because of the great wind resource we have though, there’ve been many proposals over the last decade – none have come to anything though because of a few hyperventalating protesters who hadn’t even bothered to do any research. Luckily some of them now have (visiting an actual windfarm and realising that they make barely any noise at all). I was touched when one of said hyperventalists had the courage to admit she was no longer opposed to wind farms (may also have something to do with the fact we live an a coastal area, nary a few metres above sea level!)

    But yes, everyone should be supported on their journey beyond the anger and irrationality that is fostered by *certain* groups against wind farms onto the path of reasonable understanding and facts.

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