CSG vs Wind in NSW

The new NSW planning regime for wind farms has come under fire from campaigners against coal seam gas. The following quotes are from an article in the Daily Examiner which circulates in the Clarence valley area.

Northern Rivers Guardian spokesperson and Lock the Gate Alliance management committee member Michael McNamara said wind farms were more sustainable than coal seam gas wells.

“It is outrageous that the 2km veto does not apply to coal seam gas exploration activities,” he said.

“Restrictions on different activities should relate to the relative risks posed by those activities. On any reckoning the risks associated with coal seam gas exploration and extraction are far more serious and long lasting than even the worst reports of risks associated with wind farms.”

Mr McNamara said local MPs should work to ensure coal seam gas wells weren’t drilled near houses.

“I call on local state MPs Geoff Provest and Thomas George to pressure the Premier to extend this right of veto to proposed coal seam gas activities within a 2km radius of any residence.”

Read the full article here.

One thought on “CSG vs Wind in NSW

  1. Whilst studying Town Planning a very experienced and well regarded sustainability director advised me. He said that there were two main influences in Planning. They were Money and Politics. Everything else was subsidiary (my words). But the understanding I took away was that if subsidiary interest were to be met, so must the other two.

    I have tested his criteria many times over the years and it would seem that my friend was frequently right.
    That means renewables have a pretty hard fight because they have to overcome political and entrenched fiscal interests.

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