100% Renewable: “O’Farrell’s renewable energy credibility on the line”

100% Renewable media release 19/12/2011

More than $10 billion dollars of investment – and Barry O’Farrell’s reputation on renewable energy – is on the line today, as the NSW government considers new wind planning guidelines, says community campaign 100% Renewable.
“The NSW cabinet is currently deciding whether they want the thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars worth of investment that wind farms can bring to NSW,” said campaign coordinator Lindsay Soutar.

“After crippling the solar industry in NSW, this decision stands as a key test of whether the O’Farrell government has any interest in seeing a thriving renewable energy industry in NSW.

“Wind power will bring significant job and economic development opportunities to regional NSW. It will also play a critical role in meeting the NSW government’s 20% renewable energy target.

“If Barry O’Farrell is planning to turn his back on wind power in NSW, it would be completely out of step with community expectations. With coal and coal seam gas having lost their social licence, wind power – along with solar – will play a critical role in meeting NSW’s future energy needs.

“Wind power enjoys high levels of community support because it’s a clean, safe source of power that will never run out.

“The Premier needs to ensure he gets the balance right between ensuring fair and transparent planning processes, and ensuring that NSW will continue to reap the benefit of investment in wind power” said Ms Soutar.

The 100% Renewable campaign will meet with Planning Minister Brad Hazzard tomorrow and will be asking him to publicly re-assert the NSW government’s commitment to the 20% renewable energy target, and to ensure that  NSW gains the benefits of more than $10 billion of investment in wind power.

4 thoughts on “100% Renewable: “O’Farrell’s renewable energy credibility on the line”

  1. I agree 100% with 100% Renewables. It is unconscionable that, with today’s scientific proof of the dangerous health effects of carbon pollution created by fossil fuel based energy production, such as coal and coal seam gas, that our ‘leaders’ fail to lead us to a zero carbon pollution future. Until very recently, the Federal Government still subsidised the fossil fuel industry to the tune of $10 Billion each year while giving renewables just $1 Billion. At east now, their Clean Energy Future Bill is a start of something better but they still support dirty electricity production. The NSW Government lags behind even these basic changes. The solar power industry in NSW has been ruined by our government’s abandoning of a fair feed in tariff. The sensible parity feed in tariff doesn’t appear to be forthcoming. Investment need to made in wind, tide and wave power. These resources NEVER run out. Fossil fuels will. It’s a very simple concept. I don’t know why our governments don’t get it.

  2. SImple gjoesq, Money, Profits, Royalties, contributions to political parties and the undue political influence wielded by resource companies. All Human level concepts that the natural and “real” world neither cares nor takes into account.
    Governments will not act unless we (the voting pubic) forces them to.
    Resource Companies stock in trade is misinformation, half truths, and outright lies. Do whatever they have to in order to get a project going, who cares about the impacts, onsell the project several times in it’s life and then do a runner when it is time to clean up the mess. Once you factor in all the subsidies, environmental and social costs and clean up costs, fossil fuel industries end up taking more than they give. And that is without the impacts of global warming that we are seeing. Anyone who disputes that weather is becoming more extreme has their head wedged tightly in their investment portfolios aka their “ass”.

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